Thursday, 2 May 2019

Fay Hallam - Propeller

Propeller is Fay Hallam's masterwork; a perfection of dynamic pop-soul; melodic, driven and precise...clearing a path through a fug of retro pretenders; re-setting the stylist bar, re-starting the modernist machine.

Having spent 2018 co-writing and performing with Swedish artist Magnus Carlson, Fay Hallam and her band have re-claimed 2019 as their own with this powerful collection of Hammond grooves, soul-full vocals, funky rhythms and powerful horn arrangements.

It will blow you away! 

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed House Of Now, produced by erstwhile Paul Weller bassist Andy Lewis, and including the dance-floor monster Starting To Feel Good, Propeller is available now on CD and vinyl on Well Suspect Records.

 Here's a video for one my favorite tracks, Lie Detector.

 A must have album.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Corduroy - Rare Stock

Acid Jazz Records have just released a Corduroy rarities album to coincide with an extensive U.K tour which the band are undertaking (the first in twenty years) to promote the groups most recent studio album, Return Of The Fabric Four.

Rare Stock is the compilation title and it is very interesting indeed, featuring previously unreleased material, 'lost' album tracks, shelved singles, demos, remixes and, incredibly, a recording of the band's very first rehearsal. ModSpeed got it's hands on a copy for review.

First off is Clockwork Man (Louder Faster Version), a heavy riffing, funk-pop radio-friendly number; part of a fourth album recording session for Acid Jazz that never saw the light of day at the time.

Man Alive is a protest song, catchy and smouldering with hints of trip-hop and virtuoso vocals.

Goober Grape, a mod jazz instrumental recorded to a reel to reel tape recorder in the bands living room during a band practise session, the groups first ever practise session, which sets the groovy template for the bands debut album DadManCat.

Summer In My Eye (Eddie Piller Remix) is a percussion heavy Latin re-tweak featuring Snowboy on all things with skins, by the Acid Jazz Record label boss; the original song features on the High Havoc album.

Finally Atlanta is another catchy and brooding song that spins a disturbing yarn about celebrity stalkers and fanatical fans. 

Mini (Ashley Beedle Remix), possibly Corduroy's most famous song, from the Out Of Here album, remixed for dance-floors.

The Mandelbrot Set is a psychedelic, nursery rhyme-esque, ditty about fractals, mathematics and creation; far out man.

Hikky Burr is a irresistibly funky version of the Quincy Jones number, again from the antiquated rehearsal tape that was played to Acid Jazz which secured the band their record deal; lo-fi and brilliant.

The Impossible Smile (Demo); a demo of a song for the bands fifth studio album Clik!, with slightly different lyrics and a lighter feel than the finished version.

Get Ron Carter is a short cool jazz influenced workout that didn't make it to an album release.

Very Yeah (Sing-Song Version); a version of the famous instrumental from High Havoc, with added vocals and scheduled to be a single; the single was subsequently shelved in favour of Motorhead.

E-Type (Demo), only on the CD version of the compilation, not on the vinyl, is the audio from the video E-Type that can be found on youtube.

All in all a very strong body of work.
Check them out live if you get the chance.


Thursday, 28 February 2019

Fay Hallam - Starting To Feel Good

Euphoric, infectious and addictive, Fay Hallam's latest single, Starting To Feel Good, is a pop master-class of funk groove, soul-full vocal and a horn section that's so catchy it should be quarantined.
‘A feel-great song for hearts and feet, with lyrics, melodies and rhythms that warm the soul.’
From the forthcoming album, Propeller (the follow-up to House Of Now), Starting To Feel Good is available from Well Suspect Records on all digital platforms from 29th March.

Watch this space for a the album release.
Here's the video.


Monday, 5 November 2018

Dave's Doors Of Perception - Apophenia

'Apophenia (noun) ap·o·phe·nia \ˌa-pə-ˈfē-nē-ə\is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena… and the debut album by Dave’s Doors Of Perception…the greatest psychedelic, garage–mod, album ever recorded'.

'The greatest psychedelic garage-mod album ever...' is quite some claim - unless you happen to be the greatest garage-rock band ever and Dave's Door's Of Perception are just that ... and more some. 

Some background on the band and a review of the uber-catchy ear-worm single Shake Your Bones (with video here), a delicious taster from the debut album....
'the greatest psychedelic, garage–mod, album ever recorded'. Apophenia; it's out now and you will not be disappointed.

The twelve tracks on the, as yet CD only, album are an ear-drum shattering, sixties garage punk pop masterclass ... infectious song writing, creative production, growling Vox bass, screaming single-manual organ and the nastiest guitars set to tape - the solid foundations that under-pin the venom spitting lead vocal ...forged from the nine levels of Dante's hell. 

Each track harks back to the best of the Nuggets and Pebbles series, but acknowledging influential bands that have shaped the psychedelic scene ever since; too many to list here, and this blogger doesn't want to spoil the journey for listeners, but the first track on the album, Tear Down The Sky, sets the tone, the hilarious New Rock n' Roll gives the gravitas ... and the quality never stops - both videos below.

Out now from Well Suspect Records

Best album ever? Yep!


Sunday, 21 October 2018

Corduroy - BLaCkMaiL

Corduroy have released another track from their very excellent new album Return Of The Fabric Four ... Blackmail. 

On seven inch vinyl, available now from Acid Jazz Records, with remixes by Italian producers Calibro 35 and Northern B-Boy Smoove. 

The video below is the Corduroy version from the album. Watch carefully ... to the end; it is self-explanatory. 

Take careful note of the instructions, failure to comply may lead to terrible consequences.