Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Dave's Doors Of Perception - Shake Your Bones

Shake Your Bones is irresistibly catchy; conjuring a potent brew between The Doors, Nick Cave and The B52s; brooding, funny and atmospheric, it is a pop single of quality and a mission statement (Video below).

Who are Dave's Doors Of Perception?

Dave Door lives in South East London; his hair is lustrous and long; it is his antennas to receive cosmic energy from distant stars; his perception of the universe is profound, psychedelic and potent; an alternate realm of freakishness and fuzz. Dave believes that he is the drummer in a rock group; the loudest, baddest, gland-expanding, underground band that ever existed …
Dave's Doors Of Perception.

Fronted by Blair Dean, a snarling Gibson welding song-smith whose calm Ivy League exterior is in conflict with his relentless three chord aggression and vocal vitriol.

Rob Doherty is a mod, you can tell because he wears desert boots; he plays the bass, the nastiest, pounding, gnarly, growling bass that it is possible for the human body to survive.

Sitting behind a Vox Continental, it is not, as often claimed, the messiah, but Charli Doherty; Charli is too young to be the messiah, but he does possess unworldly skills in record production, can play any instrument yet to be created.

The band have previously released three tracks on Well Suspect Records compilations, Falling on Generation Mod, Sex, Drugs And Armed Revolution on Dirty Mod, and an audacious version of Sound Of The Underground (the song that made Girls Aloud famous) on Sweet & Sour Psych. And now, DDP present their debut album, Apophenia (produced and recorded by Charli), of all new material, release date 2nd Nov. 

Review of the whole album nearer the release date, meanwhile catch them live at the
album launch show.
Sat Nov 3rd 2018. Spoonfull@The Seabright Arms. 34 Coate St, London E2 9AG.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

Corduroy - Return Of The Fabric Four

So, the first studio album by Corduroy in eighteen years is finally out, and as promised, here's a track by track report on this much anticipated record. 

The overall approach harks back to the early, classic, largely instrumental, Acid Jazz releases, (think DadManCat and High Havoc); beautifully recorded in Deptford's 2-Bit Studios, the sound is undeniably retro, with throw-back influences and vintage recording techniques, yet refreshingly forward looking thanks to the extravagant yet economic four-piece, drum/bass/guitar & keys, arrangements. Citing punk, easy-listening, TV and movie themes, jazz, funk, mod and British R&B, it's been a long wait and it's been well worth it.

Side 1.

Magic Mountain. The album opener, the best cheeky-kids-television-show-theme-tune that never was, named after a seventies skate-park and already reviewed, with video, here.

The Cleaner. Jazz influenced and super-spy cool, Steve McQueen in Bullitt meets the Pink Panther theme, driven by a sixties bass riff, swinging cymbals and Farfisa melody.

Return Of The Fabric Four. The album title track, Quincy Jones meets Johnny Pate, funky on the feet and cunningly syncopated; a mission statement.

Sambarella. Latin grooves like Sergio Mendez in Basil 66', sweet vocal Ba Ba Ba's in a sweeter plate-reverb Jus. Effortlessly groovy.

Blackmail. Relentless and claustrophobic, punky bass with vibrato guitar line, electric piano designed to cause insomnia and make the guilty pay up.

Snake Appeal. Beatnick lounge-room beats, Osca Peterson grand piano and Electric Prunes fuzz-tone guitar. Easy like dry Martinis in the sun ... two olives.

Side 2.

Saturday Club. The Who meets The Kinks meets Small Faces; reviewed with video here

Waltz For Christoph. Named after the baddie in Spectre, a jazz waltz for Christoph Waltz;  for head-nodders, chinstrokers and stylish actors when they enter the room whistling.

Sign Of The Cat. A small tune with big ideas, twelve-string melodies, inscrutably funky bass with a supple psychedelic keyboard backbone. 

The Slingbacks Solution. Tribal drumming that kick-starts a funny foot-stomping, hand-bag kitsch, twelve-bar number with a twist... crazy!

Jumping Spider. More bounce than a super-ball; Devo meets Jean-Jacques Burnel, itchy guitar runs and a thousand keyboard trajectories....and then it's gone.

Botany Five-O. Seaside funk for the dapper-clad soul boys, Bill Withers meets Ronnie Laws with fast clavi-chords and jazz groove guitar solo finish.

'Corduroy are: Ben Addison, Scott Addison, Richard Searle, Simon Nelson-Smith.
Produced by Corduroy and Andrew Jones, all songs written by Corduroy, sleeve illustration by Ben Addison, released on Acid Jazz Records. Richard plays Danelectro Bass guitars.'

Oh...and it's on white vinyl.



Saturday, 28 April 2018

CORDUROY - Saturday Club

Every once in a long while, a song appears from nowhere to capture the heart and soul of would-be music lovers, beaten to the ear bone by karaoke chart crooners and auto-tuned bedroom rap, waiting for fresh and exciting sounds to recapture the life affirming joy that only really great music can offer; Saturday Club is such a song. Corduroy are truly back!

This, the second track to materialize from the much anticipated Return Of The Fabric Four album (see earlier post for Magic Mountain) is an effortless mod-drenched celebration of the weekend and all those who live for it. 

Driven throughout by a relentless, Louis Louis-esque electric piano riff, British R&B guitar chords, vintage drumming and bass licks from heaven, the vocal is euphoric and soulful .... and then there's the middle eight; a jazz keyboard solo, skillfully played over guitar power chords. It shouldn't work but it does and it's genius. 

Saturday Club is out now through all the usual digital outlets; we'll have to wait until late May for the vinyl.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

CORDUROY - Magic Mountain

Nineteen years ago one of the seminal bands of the nineties Acid Jazz scene split up; that band was Corduroy. Their story is well documented (see this article for the full history), but the short story is that after countless tours and five studio albums, the band parted company and went their separate ways; never, it was widely assumed, would they return. So when an Acid Jazz Records press release was circulated this week announcing the release of Corduroy's brand new studio album, a great many people were very excited.   

Scheduled for 25th May 2018, Corduroys first studio album for nineteen years is entitled Return Of The Fabric Four.

A full review the album will follow soon, but in the meantime here is a teaser track, available now through the usual digital sources, Magic Mountain.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Buns - My Love (Live in London)

This bloggers favourite band of the moment is the Parisian garage rock duo, The Buns, who are currently promoting an outstanding vinyl album, released on the Well Suspect Records label, called Dangerous; a valve torturing, ear-worm heavy collection that paints a bitter-sweet gloss over toxic relationships.

This video features the melodic pop-rock gem, My Love, played live and raw whilst on a rare visit to London, with a short interview by the band.