Friday, 9 July 2021

Men Of North Country - Titanic.

Men Of North Country release another single from their new and long awaited album since jumping ship from Acid Jazz Records to Well Suspect Records - Titanic. 

The follow up to their jangle-tastic version of the Kirsty MacColl track They Don't Know, this horn led dancer perfectly captures MONC's trade mark soulful indie pop/rock sound.

The press release blurb is fun ..

I's Titanic a cruise ship or a shipwreck? Is there a difference? Or is it a metaphor for the western world? Is Titanic the highest grossing blockbuster made up to its time, or a beautiful stop-motion animated short? Is the band in the song Robbie Robertson's The Band or a band of walruses? Do selkies really exist?

Titanic was written at a time of confusion and insecurity, when questions arose, and it all seemed to go down the drain. This called for a big vessel. We need a bigger boat.

Rari is an all-time live favourite, an epic of almost ten minutes, it's has been a show stopper and set closer for quite some time. A desperate tale of lust and longing by the great Californian 60s garage-rock band the Standells, written by the brilliant Ed Cobb of Tainted Love fame.' 

Men Of North Country - Titanic is out now on all digital platforms with links on their artist page on Well Suspect Records or Bandcamp if you prefer

The video is something else, a mini masterpiece directed and animated by Nadine Ann Abraham; check it out below.

Hopefully the album with follow .... soon.

Friday, 4 June 2021

The Well Suspect Radio Show. TWR

Richard Searle. The Well Suspect Radio Show
It necessarily follows, that when Richard Searle (bass player from Corduroy)  was asked to present his own show on TWR – it would be chaotic.  
The Well Suspect Radio Show (named after Well Suspect Records, the label re-launched by Richard - in the same year that he launched a skateboard company and got his band back together) manages to cram more into a two hour slot than other shows manage in months.
Co-presented by Erika Ts, expect classic Northern, beat instrumentals, garage greats, wigged-out psych and soulful easy listening, peppered with nonsensical features and 'profound' banter.

Regular contributors include Brian Blessed, who drops his favourite New Wave tunes and Joanna Lumley who prefers sixties fuzz.

Richard has asked us not to mention that he was the bassist in Doctor and The Medics throughout their early Top Of The Pops period (he wrote a book about it, The Memoirs of Damage and Vom, so that he wouldn't have to talk about it) so we won't, but  regular 'fans' of the show  taunt him throughout in the TWR chatroom – listen in and join the mayhem.
The Well Suspect Radio Show is weekly, Tuesday afternoons 2-4pm (UK time) on TWR, with a mixcloud catch-up archive.

You are invited.     

Friday, 7 May 2021

CORDUROY - Winky Wagon 2. (The Rest Of The Psy-Fi Years)

A great outcry; a follow-up desired; the first insufficient to needs; a second volume of the funky outfit’s acclaimed psy-fi experiments required; another collection of filmic grooviness; of cartoonish, wigged-out beats, of yacht-rockish psychedelic pep; Corduroy fans insisted on more

Winky Wagon 2. (the follow-up to Winky Wagon) the final in the acclaimed series; the best of Corduroy’s ‘Major label’ recordings, plus previously unreleased radio edits and bonus Japanese album tracks - never before pressed to limited edition red vinyl
Released on Acid Jazz Record's sister label Well Suspect Records; this fun and funky compilation is a collection of Corduroy's 'Brit-pop' album The New You and the beat heavy late 90s album Clik! but crucially including previously unreleased radio edits of singles that never saw the light of day, plus two bonus tracks previously unreleased (other than on Japanese CD versions of the albums) and never before on vinyl; see the great animated cartoon video below for 'You Got Me', one of the Japanese tracks.
This is another great release from Well Suspect Records and a must for Corduroy fans.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Men Of North Country - They Don't Know. Kirsty MacColl tribute

Having worked closely with Men Of North Country throughout their two brilliant albums on Acid Jazz Records; Well Suspect Records are proud to claim them as the label's latest signing.

MONC have always worn musical influences on their sleeve, both in their original songs and choice of covers. Always pointing at the giants on whose shoulders they stand as if trying to zoom out of the shot, to capture the bigger picture, not just a selfie.

Kirsty MacColl's 'They Don't Know ' - is no exception. Kirsty was and always will be the queen of songwriters, ruling many a genre. No one sang like her, no one was sassier and no one softer; and sadly no one had a more tragic ending. Twenty years after her untimely death, MONC had to cover one of her tunes; her crown jewel, one of those 'best songs ever'. A tune that refines that feeling of 'us against the world', and of course, somehow manages to transcend it.

The perfect pop song and a taster of things to come –
a new MONC album due for release in 2021 on Well Suspect Records.

Available on Bandcamp.

And all other digital platforms.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

CORDUROY - Winky Wagon (Best Of The Psy-Fi Years)

Corduroy legend holds that having recorded the three 'classic' albums for Acid Jazz Records, our illustrious heroes parted with said company and released a further two albums on a 'major' record label, investigating themes, techniques and technologies previously unexplored; this period of the band’s brave journey became known as the 'psy-fi -years'.
Exhausted, Corduroy disbanded shortly after.
      Prophecy foretold that, two decades later, the group would reform and reunite with Acid Jazz; and furthermore that the fabled 'psy-fi' recordings would be compiled by the sister label, WellSuspect Records, into a twelve track, sky-blue-vinyl collection, featuring choice tracks from the major albums, singles and B-sides. This limited edition selection is entitled Winky Wagon.

Experimenting with exotic eastern flavours, easy-soul, yacht-pop, Brit-beats and amped-up funk, the compilation captures Corduroy expanding their signature thematic instrumental palette with melodic, irresistible and beautifully crafted songs.

Out now on at on limited edition sky blue vinyl and CD.