Monday, 14 March 2011

The Elements

Melding 60's mod with classic rock, The Elements hailed from Birmingham and had it large.

Fronted by, occasional Ocean Colour Scene player, Andy Bennett (Lead Gtr) and Lee Burn (Rhythm Gtr), they specialized in close tight vocal harmonies which became a hallmark of there sound.  With Dave Casswell (bass) and Tim Jaques’s (drums) the four-piece built a healthy midlands following. 

Signing to Acid Jazz Records in 2008, the debut single Caught In A Storm spent three weeks at the top of the indie charts. With crunching power chords and thundering drum-roll psychosis, this fierce freak-beat anthem was a highlight of the group’s live performances and a stand out track on the psych-compilation Sugarlumps 3.

An eponymous album followed shortly after, a twelve track collection; mature in style and solid in performance. The garage sound was still apparent but a slower, slicker pace was introduced in places, the better to showcase the melodic vocal arrangements.

Unlike the single, critical acclaim didn’t accompany the album; this despite healthy sales, spot radio plays and live support slots with OCS and Paul Weller. A second single, Deep Freeze ( promo video below), was planned but only made it to a digital release. 
Eventually the album ran its course and the group’s activity simmered down, Andy Bennett’s time being largely occupied with OCS duties.

If you can find a copy of the album you won’t be disappointed and if you have the uber-rare seven inch vinyl single, you should consider yourself a very lucky man.


  1. They became the Rubicon didn't they?

  2. I don't think so, the last I heard was Andy Bennett was working on a solo album.

    They have a track on a compilation album set for release around the summer 2011, a cover of The Hawks track- He Don't Love You Ruff.