Monday, 7 March 2011

Matt Berry

Seemingly inspired by such epic Hammer Horror soundtracks as The Wicca Man and Blood On Satan's Claw, 'Witchazel', Matt Berry's debut album, is a pagan voyage into the heart of the medieval countryside, where old croans cackle, ancient owls scrutinize and wizened sages quaff bitter beer in scary village public houses where strangers are not welcome.

This collection of thirteen songs will touch a central nerve with anyone with a fondness for nutmeg tea, exotic mushrooms or English psychedelic folk. 

Veering between spooked laments, 'Accident At A Harvest Festival’, whimsical tapestries,(the eight minute epic) ‘The Pheasant’, massed mellotroned prog-rock whig-outs,’ From The Manger To the Mortuary’, the Todd Rundgren-ish ‘Take My Hand’, the swampy grooved oddity 'So Low' and Donovan-esque ‘Look In My Book’, it’s a psych-folk-opus in the olde style that feels like a lost classic found amongst the dusty racks of your favorite second hand record shop.

 And yes, it is the same loud voiced actor, Matt Berry, from The IT Crowd.

No Joke !

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