Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Best Of Sugarlumps

The legendary Acid Jazz Record's Sugarlumps series of psychedelic wizardry has reached a natural conclusion with a download only 'Best Of' compilation.
The Best Of Sugarlumps, a choice-cut selection of groovy movers and sweet freakbeat, boasts some of the most whimsical, mad-cap and gland expanding audio-foolery ever to be set down onto eight-track tape.

Featuring twelve mad-sterpieces of wigged out ear nonsence.

Groovy Ruben -The Woeful Tale Of Shakes Magoo.
The James Coburn Cool  - Juicer.
Jensen Interceptor -  Fetch The Stick.
Templar - Quarter To Now.
Kitchener -  The Magic Lounge About.
The Mauve -  Safety Lite.
The Runcible Spoon - Hallucination Train.
Thrush -  London Zen.
The JugZ - Got Gas.
Action Band - White Elephant.
nut - The Beatle Makes Noise On Wet Grass.
Flying Pudding - Watching The Machine.


Download here ...but watch out for the brown acid.

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