Thursday, 1 September 2011

Magnus Carlson

Magnus Carlson is the former vocalist with the Swedish pop group the Weeping Willows. He later signed a solo deal with Blue Note Records to become Sweden's premier jazz artist. Next he recorded a soul album for Marshall Chess's Swedish Tri-Sound label. A busy boy then, I think you'll agree.

By way of coincidence, Acid Jazz records label boss Mr E Piller, played a track from the aforementioned Tri-sound recording (a label in which he is also involved) on a blog-cast, which caused such a clamour of interest that he decided to release it on the Acid Jazz label in the UK.

The song in question was 'From Now On', a white soul, Style Council-esque, floor- filler and stand-out track from the album. Released on seven inch vinyl with a b-side that should make any sixties music enthusiast smile with approval, a groovy reworking of the Donavan/Jeff Beck collaborative classic 'Barabajagal'.   
The limited edition 7” single comes in a cool looking customised Acid Jazz/Tri-Sound house bag and is available from the 5th of September.

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  1. Strange, the track you mention 'From now on' does not appear on my copy of the Tri sound album 'Echoes'. Great album though, guess I'll have to buy the track as a single or is it available as a download?