Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Janice Graham Band - new single - No Money Honey

Following the fantastic response to their debut release this year South Manchester lads Janice Graham Band release their brand new single and live favourite. 

No Money Honey is the second release from the band’s concept mini-album It's Not Me to be released a week later on Feb 27th, 2012 through Acid Jazz Records.

No Money Honey has everything you need to start a party; the band mash up the adrenalised rush of beat, tastes of reggae, the bounce of ska and the urgency of punk with lead singer Joe Jones screaming the lyrics ‘I ain’t got no money honey’ (apparently written about a local prostitute), while playing his bass guitar with precision and attitude.

This mini album is not the band’s first “proper” album, it’s a concept album, a soundtrack to a film screening in the mind of the listener and in the grooves of the record. The album deals with questions and answers on love, life, sex and death. It concerns itself with the harsh brutality of life seen through the eyes of a man whose hedonistic incline leads him down a dark and twisted path of increasingly questionable morality and self –destruction.

Janice Graham Band, Joe Jones (lead vocals/bass), Andy Morton (guitar), Josh Hunt (trumpet and backing vocals) and Tom Scott (drums and backing vocals) - average age a mere 21 - are a true garage band; and could start a party in an empty room.

Released 20th Feb 2012, Available on 7" vinyl and download.

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