Monday, 11 June 2012

Tony And Tandy - Rare 45

The Bitter With The Sweet is a soulful slice of classic Pop Soul; a dance-floor filler as well as an obviously radio-friendly tune, recorded by the glamour couple of late 60’s cool – Tony And Tandy.

Re-released for the first time since 1968, the story of its origin is as complex as its title. Tony Head, front man of cult sixties freak beat legends (and backing group on this track) The Fleur De Lys, and SharonTandy, white soul diva of the sixties, occasional guest singer for The Fleur De Lys and girlfriend of Tony Head, should have been the Swinging Sixties’ golden couple.

They recorded the single with record producer, songwriter and mercurial sixties eccentric Graham Dee, who woke up the next morning with the tune for yet another song in his head, which was to become the song Two Can Make It Together. This track eventually became the a-side of their single, and both tracks enjoyed healthy radio play, which should have made household names of Tony and Tandy as well as Graham Dee. However, due to high demand at the pressing plant, their single was considered low priority, and there simply were not enough physical copies around to make it a hit.

Two years later the single was again released, and Tony And Tandy eventually got their moment in the spotlight when they performed Two Can Make It Together on Top Of The Pops.

Now finally re-released by Acid Jazz Records as part of their Rare Mod series, these rare nuggets of 60’s Pop Soul were well worth the wait.

Released on a limited edition 7” vinyl in an Acid Jazz housebag and as a digital download.

One for the record box.

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