Thursday, 19 July 2012

Brand New Heavies - BNH

The Brand New Heavies began in the 1980s as an instrumental group called Brother International. The group came up with the Heavies name, borrowing it from a liner note by James Brown. The original line-up consisted of Simon Bartholomew, Jan Kincaid, Andrew Levy, Lascelles Gordon and Jim Wellman. As The Brand New Heavies they quickly gained a cult following in the London club scene as Acid Jazz replaced Rare Groove in the venues around the capital.

Newly signed to Acid Jazz Records, the band released their debut album in 1990, with Jay Williamson as lead singer, to critical acclaim. Known as ‘the blue album’ or ‘the elephant album‘ to fans, ‘The Brand New Heavies’ LP was a groundbreaking British Funk release and the springboard to world-wide success for this Ealing band. Featuring such classics as Dream Come True and Stay This Way (both to later achieve Top 40 status for the band), it is an early classic of UK Street Soul.

This is the first vinyl repressing since 1996 and the second of the 180g vinyl reissue series to celebrate Acid Jazz Records 25th Anniversary.


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