Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pleasure Beach - Smells Like Teen Spirit

 In 2001 a young Northern quartet, going by the name of Pleasure Beach, released a single called Rollercoaster, the B-side of this record caused quite a stir. Radio DJs squabbled to play it; nightclub DJs had ‘the big tune’ with which to pack dance floors instantly. It quickly became an underground hit, causing scenes of near-riot in some clubs. The record sold out in two short weeks leaving eBay entrepreneurs to demand figure of around £200 for a copy. When the renowned dinosaur rock magazine, Kerrang!, reviewed this single the affronted journo noted that if Curt could hear it, he’d be loading the other barrel.’ The song in question was the Nirvana classic Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Released by the Acid Jazz label, Pleasure Beach sounded more like ‘70s rock heroes Deep Purple than the beret wearing, goatee sporting jazz-funkers, or light footed Soho dwellers with bum-fluff sideburns and socks on their heads that, often frequented the Acid Jazz scene (Corduroy and Galliano take note) and as such were refreshing and much missed when they split in 2004.

As Acid Jazz Records continue to celebrate their 25th year as an independent, the roster of acts has become increasingly diverse; the band Pleasure Beach being a perfect example. Re-issued here in 2012 as part of the jubilee anniversary, this truly is an exciting re-release.

Out August 28th - avoid the riots and smell the spirit !


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