Monday, 13 August 2012

Stoned Woman

In 1991 Acid Jazz owner Ed Piller and his roommate Bunny entered a tiny studio in North West London with the idea that they would try to make an album. Eight months later, what emerged was a new band and one of the lost classics of the early 90s - a combination of hip hop beats, rock guitars and soulful voices that really put the band Mother Earth on the map. 

The recording process saw an ever-changing set of personnel pass through the studio, including Leftfield's Paul Daley, The Brand New Heavies' Simon Bartholomew and James Taylor. As they did so, a permanent line-up of local musicians started to coalesce into a band that would be able to play the album live. The result was an LP with a funky blaxploitation soundtrack feel.

By the time Stoned Woman was released the band were a hardened touring outfit, gigging throughout Europe and Japan with label mates Corduroy.

Re-issued as part of the Acid Jazz Records 25th Anniversary, this time on 180gram vinyl.


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