Thursday, 6 September 2012

JTQ - The Money Spyder

The James Taylor Quartet’s second release on Acid Jazz, recorded in one afternoon and released in 1987, The Money Spyder, was, at the same time, the band’s first full album release, after their debut mini-album Mission Impossible. It happened to also become the first UK release on the label that secured a gold disc status.

The Money Spyder was conceived as the soundtrack to an imaginary spy film (a concept blatantly ‘borrowed’ some months later by label mates Corduroy’s album, High Havoc), applying the bands distinctive Hammond funk style to Taylor's own compositions. Go-go Fender guitars and Hammond organ race each other from beginning to end. From the title track, with its mysterious piano line, to the urgent, fuzz-infested Car Chase, the recording is live and raw and takes the listener on a journey from Carnaby Street into the arms of an exotic double agent (The Spiral Staircase), only to end up somewhere in Spain for the final showdown (Buzy Bee).

The Money Spyder is a true Hammond funk classic, re-released as part of twenty fifth anniversary of Acid Jazz Records.

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