Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NiGht TrAiNs - No More Heroes

What happens when you cross-breed a perfect seventies seminal punk rock masterpiece, by say The Stranglers, with the bubblegum sixties soul chops of Tainted Love, not the Soft Cell version but the Gloria Jones original? You get, after some re-tailoring and nifty horn arranging, Night Trains cheek muscle straining and Northern Soul crafty single No More Heroes

This dance-floor rework of a song that could never be bettered - has emerged as the Frankenstein monster cover version, which sets a new high in tongue-in-cheek chic. An infectious and sophisticated broth that marries the easy listening orchestration of James Last or the BBC Top Of The Pops orchestra, to the anarchic whimsy of the bile spitting nihilists that redefined a generation and changed the direction of music business that it sought to destroy. 

Released on Acid Jazz Records this week, hang up your bondage trousers, shake out the talcum powder and dance. 

No gobbing !

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