Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Swinging Japan (The Neo-Mod Scene...Tokyo Style)

First and foremost, this is a fan album.
A young collector (Emmanuel Guerit) tired of the domestic sounds and scenes, ventured further afield in his quest for music that excites. He stumbled upon a wealth of sixties influenced contemporary bands, none of which suffered from the self-conscious rules and restraints upon which cliquey European modernists constantly insist; he discovered Japans uber-hip Neo-Mods. 
A chance meeting with an acquaintance of Acid Jazz Records resulted in his treasured recordings being aired in the label office one evening; dozens of raw energetic garage tracks, plus jazzy groovy psychedelic tunes, one after another, streamed from Emmanuel's portable compact disc player.

The label A&R guy was impressed and asked Emmanuel to select some of his favourite numbers with a mind to release them on Acid Jazz. This compilation is the result; The Hair, The Furs, Les Cappuccino, Shotgun Runners, Six, The Marquee, The Scarletts, The Bergamotts, The Absolude, Soul Mission, The Crawlin' Kingsnakes, The Tramp and Sandiest. 

Tokyo's finest - It will not disappoint.

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