Saturday, 28 April 2018

CORDUROY - Saturday Club

Every once in a long while, a song appears from nowhere to capture the heart and soul of would-be music lovers, beaten to the ear bone by karaoke chart crooners and auto-tuned bedroom rap, waiting for fresh and exciting sounds to recapture the life affirming joy that only really great music can offer; Saturday Club is such a song. Corduroy are truly back!

This, the second track to materialize from the much anticipated Return Of The Fabric Four album (see earlier post for Magic Mountain) is an effortless mod-drenched celebration of the weekend and all those who live for it. 

Driven throughout by a relentless, Louis Louis-esque electric piano riff, British R&B guitar chords, vintage drumming and bass licks from heaven, the vocal is euphoric and soulful .... and then there's the middle eight; a jazz keyboard solo, skillfully played over guitar power chords. It shouldn't work but it does and it's genius. 

Saturday Club is out now through all the usual digital outlets; we'll have to wait until late May for the vinyl.

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