Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Generation Mod

Mod created the world in six days ... and it was good. On the first day, the be-suited sharp set distinguished themselves from duffel coated 50s traditional jazz fans (Trads) by identifying with the caffeine fuelled heartbeat of modern jazz; the Moderns established a precedent in music and style that spilled into the next decade. On the second day, a crowd of working class kids discovered 60s soul, invested their disposable income on multi-coloured amphetamines and gathered at all-night rave-ups; an offshoot clique of suede headed peacocks broadened the musical palette with Jamaican ska. On the third day a parallel of punk rock, with a fresh faced mod-father as its feather headed spokesman, inspired kids to stitch targets to musty parkas and glory to the new wave; this mod revival swelled in ranks and battled through to the early eighties. On the fourth day, a new decade witnessed an independent record label christen a music genre of the same name, as a family of beat bands reclaimed mod in all its acid jazzy moods and fancies. On the fifth day, a gathering of mid-nineties musicians re-invented lad-rock, reclaiming it as British. On the sixth day, inspired by the moderns, the suedes, the revivalists, beatniks and the brit-popper - yet another batch of bands site mod as their musical motivation. These bands and their fans are… Generation Mod! (Searle. Generation Mod. Well Suspect Records (2016)).

No matter how you choose to define your modernist self; be it Italian shoe obsessed, or mohair suit specific; three-finger button-down slim-fit fanatical, a bouffant comb-overed middle-aged polo-shirt wearing scooter enthusiastic... or simply a kid in a target T,  the mod scene has, and always will be, about the music; Generation Mod is a celebration of that fact.
       Released on the fresh faced Well Suspect record label, this compilation features an eclectic and contemporary musical reach that will appeal to most mod tastes, soul, ska, beat and psych.
Dogtooth - Get In Get Out; they are only 13,14 and 16 years of age and they rock!  A band to watch. 
Dave's Doors of Perception; south London's nastiest noisiest garage psych band, make their Farfisa drenched debut with Falling.
Motown legend, Martha Reeves, called Samuel S. Parkes "the genuine spirit of Northern Soul," Samuel opens side one with Let Me Go. 
Dirty rock slags, The Get Go, turn their attentions to the Ike and Tina Turner classic, Nutbush City Limits
Italy's finest, The Mads,offer the melodic stomper What I Need.
French Boutik, reinvent the torch song with Mieux Comme Ca.
Men Of North Country get extra Northern with They Don't Know.
There are a total of fourteen tracks including fine offerings from Andy Lewis, The Moons and New Street Adventure, but possibly the highlight is the track, also released as a limited edition seven inch single for Record Store Day, Private Jones - I Got By In Time; if you don't manage to get yourself the seven, then order Generation Mod now; it's gonna be hot!  


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