Thursday, 20 January 2011

Corduroy boy writes book.

The Absurdist by Richard Searle.

Born in South East London, England, during the swinging sixties, Richard had always wanted to become a cartoonist when he grew up. His ambition to publish a coffee table book of existential drawings never realized, instead fate dictated that he should become a professional musician.

The former bass player and co-founder  of Acid Jazz band Corduroy, recorded five successful studio albums during the nineteen-nineties and travelled the globe many times over.

Previously, Richard spent five weeks at ‘number one’, in the British and International pop charts with the record ‘Spirit in The Sky’, in the comedy psych-punk garage-glam band Doctor and The Medics, touring heavily throughout the nineteen-eighties and surviving much rock mischief.

He finally retired from the stage in the year two thousand, other than the odd cameo session-man appearance, considering himself lucky to withdraw with his sanity and hair still intact.

Believed to be a member of the mysterious Bohemian Underground Movement, Richard still releases music under various guises and is now writing (and drawing) books.

The Absurdist is a light hearted, science-fictional tale about the illusionary nature of reality, lethal cocktails, hairy heroes, unrequited love and wasp hammers. Rude and irreverent, this funny philosophical caper, about two young scam-artists caught up in unusual events, features the prettiest of girls, silliest of toys, quantum physics and giant space propellers in an adventure of absurd proportions.

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  1. Review of The Absrdist in June edition of Double Breasted Magazine.

    'If you are a fan of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, the chances are you're going to enjoy The Absurdist......

    It's a witty whimsical tale of two colledge friends and the success and failures of various scams and inventions - space burials,purple vodka and the wasp hammer, which fool no-one and everyone. It's an observation on media manipulation, a modern day Emperors New Clothes -just because we're told something is real, doesn't mean it is, you believe what you want to belive!....

    Where the awsner was 42 in Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy, the theme running through The Absurdist is the power of three, we always have 3 choices in life - the silly one, the serious and the real. And as readers of the book, you too have three choices, will you dismiss the book as silly, take a deep philisophical interest, or read it and enjoy its wit and wonderings?'