Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Grand Union

Grand Union’s debut album ‘Through The Green Fuse’ is a perfect slice of psych folk. 

Signing to the Acid Jazz label on the back of just one track, ‘Morning Brings The Light’, which featured on the label’s ‘New Testament Of Folk’ compilation, Grand Union delivered an exceptional and criminally overlooked debut album. 

With influences ranging from folk to hippy jazz, funk and through to gospel, Grand Union have been favourably compared to Pentangle, The 5th Dimension and Free Design.  

People Tree Records



Various band members have had an impressive and varied musical history having several records released with different projects in the past. Drummer Gerry Wood has supported The Rolling Stones and The Who and played on Ready Steady Go! whilst others have supported Bert Jansch. 


Not only that but there is talent in the families too - Bassist, Caspar’s (brother of actor Rufus Sewell) father Bill Sewell was responsible for the animation on ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ from the Beatles classic ‘Yellow Submarine’.

 From the driving acoustic pace of the flute-led, almost Jethro Tull inspired, ‘Jane Jane’, to the superb harmony arrangements of ‘Wonderful World’, this album is a masterpiece of song writing and vocal performance the likes of which other bands can only dream.

Initially this album was released on an Acid Jazz subsidiary label PEOPLE TREE RECORDS and then re-released some months later on Acid Jazz itself.

My advice, get both version’s, they might be collectable one day.

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