Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rare Mod 2

Mod is entering it’s 60th birthday and is once again growing as a cultural force – a new generation has discovered this most quintessential of British cultures.

Acid Jazz Records are celebrating with the next installment of their highly successful RARE MOD compilation series.

The east London indie has combed the attics and wardrobes of hundreds of original musicians and collected an amazingly broad cross-section of previously unreleased material. Acetates, demos and bona-fide unreleased songs combine on a hard hitting and commercially successful release.

Volume one was released last year to much acclaim and was described as a genuine rival to both Nuggets, Sugarlumps and Pebbles. Volume two is a step up in class and rarity.

From obscure British soul (The Donnie Elbert Band and Mac Kissoon) though R n B (C Jam Blues, Parker’s Mood and The Gass Company), early psyche (The Nocturnes, The Amboy Dukes, The Summer Set) to out-and-out mod classics (The Fleur de Lys and The Richard Kent Style).Compiled by and with sleeve notes from Paul “Spider” Anderson and Damian Jones, this compilation is a must have collection of Sixties underground Beat, Psych and Soul.

Track listing.
1. The Richard Kent Style – Just A little Misunderstanding
2. Mac Kissoon – 1000 Ways Of Loving You                          
3. The Donnie Elbert Band – A Love I Believe In                        
4. The Amboy Dukes – More And More                                     
5. The Nocturnes – Hay, That’s What Horses Eat     
6. C-Jam Blues – Gonna Find A Cave   
7. Chances Are – I’m Talking ‘Bout You
8. The Gass Company – She’s Got The Time                                
9. The Fleur De Lys – Nothing To Say   
10. The Summer Set – Oh Miss Stone      
 11. Parker’s Mood – Don’t Mess With Cupid
12. The Booker T’s – Stupidity                                                      
13. The Amboy Dukes – You Better Find Yourself Someone     
14. The Nocturnes – Night Owl
15. The Inner Sect – You’re Not The Kind To Know   
16. The Spartans – Lies
17. The Westsiders – Don’t Lie To Me
18. The Fleur De Lys – I Walk The Sands
19. Dave Antony’s Moods – See My Soul                                      

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