Monday, 10 January 2011

Rare Mod

Every once in a while a compilation comes along that re-defines the genre. - Nuggets, Sugarlumps and Pebbles spring to mind; classic collections crafted with care.

Cut from the same cloth is Rare Mod.

In 2008, Acid Jazz Records released a recently discovered and previously unheard EP from Steve Marriot’s pre-Small Faces outfit – The Moments. The record spent a couple of months in the indie top ten (peaking at number 4). The label’s psyche guru, Richard Searle began a quest to unearth more super rare and unreleased material from the glory days of the mid sixties Mod scene.

I am pleased to report that he was successful. The end result is titled simply Rare Mod and features some of the finest unheard gems: tracks that were never released at the time, demos and obscure 45’s that were pulled within days of release.

From obscure British soul (Truly Smith) though R&B (The Shots, The Doc Thomas Group), early psyche (The Attack, The Silence) to out-and-out mod classics (Steve Marriott’s Moments, The Shapes Of Things) – all the genres and styles are represented and many of the musicians involved went on to massive success in later years.

With mod enjoying its highest profile in a generation, from Weller and The Moons to Men Of North Country and  Beady Eye, this album showcases a whole host of brilliant, undiscovered anthems for old hands and new converts alike.

Track list -

1. The Attack - You Know He Did
2. The Shots - Keep A Hold Of What You Got Now Baby
3. Truly Smith - This Is The First Time
4. The Love Affair - Back In Your Life Again
5. The Shapes Of Things - Striving
6. The Silence - Down Down
7. The Favorite Sons - That Driving Beat
8. Steve Marriott And The Moments -  Money Money
9. Doc Thomas Group - I'll Be Doggone
10. Steve Howe - So Bad
11. Truly Smith – Takin’ Time Off

12. The Shots – Walk Right Out
13. The Shapes Of Things - You Must Believe In Me
14. The Silence - Cold On Me
15. The Unknown Mod Band - Can't Get None Of Your Lovin’ Baby
16. The Attack - Feel Like Flying
17. Steve Marriott And The Moments - Good Morning Blues
18. The Love Affair - Satisfaction Guaranteed
19. Doc Thomas Group - Rescue Me

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