Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dig The New Breed

In the Spring of 2010, to celebrate their twenty-first birthday, Acid Jazz released Dig The New Breed, to look back at it's favourite single releases of the 21st century.

The compilation mixes and matches a variety of musical styles to provide a varied party soundtrack. There's classic northern soul from the likes of Clem Curtis. Cool cover versions like Duffy's ‘Mercy’ (from The Third Degree) and the outstanding mod re-work of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (a sought-after rarity from Pleasure Beach). Including Brazilian samba, folk, jazz, breakbeat and the northern funk of Smoove and Jess Roberts. Even Steve Marriott's pre-Small Faces material makes an appearance. 

You dig ?

1. Smoove – The Revolution Will Be Televised
2. Twisted Tongue – Got A Really Good Thing.
3. Pleasure Beach - Smells Like Teen Spirit.
4. The Third Degree - Mercy.
5. Andy Lewis & Paul Weller- Are You Trying To Be Lonely.
6. Jess Roberts & Smoove – Coming Back.
7. Missing- Three Black Bros (PPO - mix)
8. LeLeo - Ella Briga Comigo
9. Grand Union – Jane Jane.
10. Jinrai – Someplace Else
11. Andy Lewis – One By One
12. Lord Large - Stuck In A Wind Up.
13. Steve Marriott and The Moments -Money Money.
14. Andy Lewis – Love Is Alive In My Heart.
15. PPO – Itchy Feet..

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