Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Andy Lewis, a history in vinyl.

Followers of Mod Speed will know about the Andy Lewis mini-album, 41, out now and riding high on itunes.

Good things comes to those who wait, a wise man once said, not only is the CD due on May 2nd, but also a double 7 inch, limited edition collector's vinyl pack. By way of celebration, here's a nostalgic trip through Andy's vinyl past.
Back in 2003, featuring Keni Burke from The Five Stairsteps, the summer single (Love Is ) Alive In My Heart. 

2004, feat soul diva Betty Lavette, Laughter Ever After,  preceding debut album Billion Pound Project, 2005, feat. Reg King of The Action, & Dave Jay of Twisted Tongue.

A third single was taken from this album, featuring Lynda Laurence,  See You There, and a 12 inch single of DJ remixes, released in 2006. 

In 2007, his biggest selling single to date, with Paul Weller, Are You Trying To Be Lonely, which appeared on Andy's second album You Should Be Hearing Something Now ! 

That brings us back to the aforementioned mini album 41.

Looking good, feeling good. 

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