Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Broken Vinyl Club

'The Broken Vinyl Club are amazing live. Somebody should sign them; they would be huge,'  thus spake Creation Records boss and cult music 'know-it-all' Alan McGee.

Well someone did sign them, Acid Jazz Records to be exact, who released the single 'One Way Street' to critical acclaim, amidst adamant promises of an epic forthcoming  psychedelic album, to be released at the start of the autumn of this year. The album pictured right is that aforementioned album, it is psychedelic, out this very October, and as promised, it's epic.

It is fair to say that these boys, Welsh by the way, have more than a few sixties influences. The sound is a delicious cocktail of Stones swagger, Pretty Things attitude and Monkee's personality, blended with Jim McGuinn guitar sounds, Arthur Lee sentiment and George Harrison harmonies. Then once alcohols added, chilled by Longrider's arrangements and sharpened by the pop hook sensibility of The LAs. 
More than just an homage to the member's collective record collections, the album, varied in style structures and 'nods' to classic riffs, showcases the songwriting skills of a band that would make a good album no-matter which decade's shirts they choose to wear. 

Just to prove that they aren't retro-headed-Luddites, the album has it's own smartphone app.

The appliance of science.

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