Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Groovy books

Christmas is coming and it's time to start that Xmas list. Mod Speed is proudly giving the gift of printed words this year. Books, like computers but they don't crash.

The former bass player and co-founder of Acid Jazz funksters  Corduroy and comedy psych-punk garage-glam band Doctor and The Medics, has two such inky offerings. One, a novel, the other a collection of cartoon art.

The Absurdist is a light hearted, science-fictional tale about the illusionary nature of reality, lethal cocktails, hairy heroes, unrequited love and wasp hammers. Rude and irreverent, this funny philosophical caper, about two young scam-artists caught up in unusual events, features the prettiest of girls, silliest of toys, quantum physics and giant space propellers in an adventure of absurd proportions. Now in it's second edition. 

'If you are a fan of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, the chances are you're going to enjoy The Absurdist......

It's a witty whimsical tale of two college friends and the success and failures of various scams and inventions - space burials, purple vodka and the wasp hammer, which fool no-one and everyone. It's an observation on media manipulation, a modern day Emperors New Clothes.

Where the answer was 42 in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, the theme running through The Absurdist is the power of three, we always have 3 choices in life -  and as readers of the book, you too have three choices, will you dismiss the book as silly, take a deep philosophical interest, or read it and enjoy its wit and wonderings?
Jennie Baillie (2011) Double Breasted Magazine.
And for those who prefer to look at the pictures, Sketchistentialism, a collection of cartoon art from the pen of Richard Searle.’

Featuring embarrassed dogs, vengeful fish, pointless super heroes and dubious religious iconography, Sketchistentialism is beautifully drawn, oddly philosophical and blatantly daft.

Published by the Bohemian Underground Movement.

Get both books  here , click on the pictures.... or find them on Amazon or here.
Have a cool yule !

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