Monday, 3 October 2011

Jasmine Kara - In The Basement

Jasmine Kara is an attractive Iranian lady, brought up in Sweden, who likes to sing the blues. Her ability to bare her soul and purge her lungs is quite extraordinary in one so apparently young. Once this is understood it becomes apparent as to why it wasn’t long before she was brought to the attention of legendary records man Marshall Chess of Chess Records fame.

Mr Chess became Jasmine's mentor and produced her debut album  ‘Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad,’ released through Tri-Sound Records, Marshal's other label. 

In colaboration  with Tri-Sound, Acid Jazz Records have released a single from this album, a floor-stomping version of the soul classic 'In The Basement ' with the equally dancefloor filling flip-side 'In The Basement. Prt 2.' 

The recording captures well her dynamic live performance, energetic, confident, full of lusty life and soulfull skill. 

This 7inch vinyl only release preceeds the Acid Jazz release of her album in Feb 2012. I recommend that you check both.

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