Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jasmine Kara - Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad

On ‘Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad’, Swedish Soul temptress Jasmine Kara takes a unique journey through the less obvious parts of the Chess Records label’s extensive catalogue. 

Avoiding direct comparison with the originals through her own distinctive flourishes, she manages to make each track sound fresh to the ear as well as infectious on the dance floor.  She incorporates a ska rhythm within Bobby More's ‘Try My Love Again’ turning the song’s original plaintive tone into a party tune. 

Her vocal control is impressive. This is evident not only on the more jazz tinged songs such as ‘My Party’ and Terry Callier’s signature tune ‘Ordinary Joe’, both of which demonstrate a vocal sensitivity beyond her years, but also on the up-tempo stormers of which the album’s title track and the two-part ‘In The Basement ’ are prime examples.

The album, originally released  by the Swedish Trisound label, is now available through the Acid Jazz Records label. 

Track list... 

The Mad Midget                                   
In The Basement - Part 1                                       
Are You Doing Me Wrong                  
Ain’t No More Room                          
Try My Love Again                               
Train Gone Mad                                  
Must I Holler                                        
My Party                                            
My Babe                                             
Ordinary Joe                                      
Midget In A Coal Mine                         
In The Basement – part 2                   
Grits Ain’t Groceries                            
Liberation Conversation                     
Out February 6th.

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