Monday, 18 February 2013

Mo Jazz 2

Man, love it like sunshine or weather it otherwise, it’s the jazz in the cracks of the pavement of life that puts skips in the step and a bounce in our soul; mind grease, to free up the cogs, the dirt and the rust, the oil that eases the pains of the day, that pays the way for the ferryman’s greed, free-form feet streaming street currency; it’s honk, melodic and lithe, for the crossing, for the flight, so we soar with the horn hop, with the be-bop, with the grind of the hard stops, jazz chops, fusion, a dad-a-boom beat baby bass sweating funk storm, strum along sex sax sing-song time changes, time changing, notes between notes between the note, slow to the fast to the free in the whole key, syncopation of style, speeding and locked, riff like your blocked, modern and trad with the beats and the mods by the old and the young for the everyone, for the thrill, organ groove and mood swing, the easy listening chill; ever onward and always moving, crazy. (Searle (2013)).

The re-emergence in interest of everything in and around the ‘beat generation’ has recently witnessed, finally, a feature length movie of the ‘beat bible’, Jack Kerouac’s - On The Road, to add to Hollywood’s fascination with the subject - (Howl by Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs Naked Lunch and Drugstore Cowboy).The soundtrack to these movies have always been a bedding of Bebop Jazz and Freeform riffery; Acid Jazz Records, often a sonic refuge for modern day beatniks and new ‘bo-ho’s’, has now revived it’s Mo Jazz series, creating a fresh take on the filmic jazz compilation. Updating the traditional, ‘hard-core jazz enthusiast only’ snobbery, to include some more accessible styles; to create a record with something for everyone, a compilation that is, in every sense, listenable. 

Dance- floor DJs will enjoy Laurent Doumont’s - Everything I Do’s Gonna Be Funky (video below), Derek Chai introduces a ‘pop’ flavour in his song- Live Again, and Richard Bundy performs the beautiful ballad – Wine Cups; Rosa Brunello leads a freeform ensemble from behind her double bass, Nigel Price displays why he’s one of the country’s finest jazz guitarists,  plus many more including the magnificant combo, (also featuring Nigel Price), The Filthy Six.

However, fans of proper Be Bop jazz needent fret, you are still catered for; Riley Stone-Lonergan’s - Pedalo is sheer class, a member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, who recently played Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms- Riley is just 16 years of age; truly the future of jazz .



Searle Richard (2013) Mo Jazz 2. Acid Jazz Records. London.

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