Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Dilemmas

Every once in a while the frosty heart of the record industry is warmed by the touch of happy fortune, a chance meeting, a stroke of luck that leads to the discovery of a gem.
One such occasion occurred during the autumn of 2012, a drummer from a South London band stood next to an A&R man in his local pub, a demo recording exchanged hands and on this occasion, it was brilliant!

Kieran McAleer and his band, The Dilemmas, only had enough studio time for a guide vocal (which Kieran himself sang) and had planned to finish the track, Fahrenheit, with a session singer. Acid Jazz Records signed the band on the spot on the condition that they keep the guide vocals just as they were.

Written by guitarist Andy Maidment Fahrenheit is a joyous soulful masterpiece with life affirming lyrics and an infectious melody. Strong horn arrangements and beautifully crafted instrumentation create a modern classic - a must for hot club DJs, sussed radio disc-jockeys and in-crowd vinyl lovers.

The flip side, Change Change, features the vocal talents of Colbert Hamilton, who took some time off from his day job, a black Elvis impersonator.

Available on delicious seven inch vinyl.

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