Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Fleur De Lys - You've Got To Earn It

Often bootlegged, The Fleur De Lys never managed to release an album ...until now. This is the first official album release from legendary British soul / mod / psych heroes – compiled by Keith Guster (drummer and constant member throughout every line-up change); including a previously unreleased track, sourced from demo acetate, from which this compilation takes its title.

‘I was just sweet 17 when the original FDL were formed in Southampton, 1964 but by March '66 I was the only original of those four to head for the bright lights of London, where I knew it was all happening. Well, a hell of a lot did happen. Through an incredible musical era, different members came and went until I was the last man standing when we had one crisis too many and drifted apart in July of 1969.

I was privileged over those 5 years of the FDL to play alongside 11 different FDL members. All great people, all great musicians, who each played a huge and inspirational part on the tracks of this album, and on many other tracks with my old friends Sharon Tandy, John Bromley, Donnie Elbert, Graham Dee, and others.’ (Keith Guster, Fleur De Lys (2013))

As Atlantic Records UK house band, they backed Sharon Tandy on her numerous chart successes (some of which are included) and played on hundreds of cuts anonymously, yet never quite obtained the respect that they deserved. Acid Jazz Records in collaboration with Keith Guster, have put together this glorious album that should see The Fleur De Lys take their rightful place in the pantheon of 60s legends.

Released on CD and Vinyl, the LP includes an extra track not featured on the CD, Daughter Of The Sun and a limited edition poster.

1.  Hold On (not the Sharon Tandy version)
2.  Mud In Your Eye
3.  Circles
4.  So Come On
5.  Daughter Of The Sun - feat Sharon Tandy (vinyl only)                                    
6.  Liar
7.  Love Them All
8.  You’ve Got To Earn It
9.  Tick Tock
10. The Bitter With The Sweet - feat Tony Head and Sharon Tandy
11. Brick By Brick
12. Wait For Me
13. Two Can Make It Together - feat Tony Head and Sharon Tandy
14. I Forgive You
15. Stop Crossing The Bridge 
16. Gotta Get Enough Time - feat Sharon Tandy
17. I’ve Been Trying
18. Gong With The Luminous Nose

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