Monday, 29 April 2013

Soul Potential

If you are familiar with any of the recordings featured in this collection then you may consider yourself as one of the ‘in-crowd’. Someone with street tastes, a DJ perhaps (at one of the better radio stations) or a dance-floor ‘face’ from a more happening club. Perhaps you were privy to a viral video, a top tip, a recommendation from a friend. Maybe you were simply just in the right place at the right time; what is important - is that you are aware of this album. Whatever your story, take heart, this collection of classic soul is not the usual ‘Northern’ fan fodder - you will not find Tainted Love on this disc.

This album contains a fresh breed of soul artists, reinterpreting the tailored Tamla formula with fresh ears, new riffs, and young voices. New Street Adventure, Men of North Country and Charley Macaulay have youth as well as talent. The Third Degree, Night Trains and Jerk Juice tackle the soul cover genre with tongues firmly in cheek. Jasmine Kara, Andy Lewis and The Filthy Six prefer a less kitsch approach and yet still sound vital. British legend Tony Christie recorded a little known soul epic, which is also included here. Twisted Tongue, Magnus Carlson and Jess Roberts are featured through sheer quality of voice. The Dilemmas are just plain fantastic.

Some of these acts are new signings to Acid Jazz Records and this is their first release, a few are ‘lost’ tracks that need to be re-discovered, a couple were only previously available as limited seven inch vinyl, either way, I think you'll agree - they all have Soul Potential.

1. Men Of North Country – Pandora                                       

2. Andy Lewis and Jess Roberts - Turn Your Head Around  

3. The Dilemmas – Fahrenheit                                                 

4. Magnus Carlson - From Now On                                         

5. Jerk Juice - Sex Is On Fire                                                     

6. New Street Adventure – Hangin’ On Hangin’ Up            

7. The Third Degree - Can’t Get You Out Of My Head             

8. Jasmine Kara - Ordinary Joe                                                   

9. Night Trains - No More Heroes                                           

10. Tony Christie - Nobody In The World                                

11. Charley Macaulay – No Good                                                    

12. The Filthy Six – Girlfriend                                                 

13. Twisted Tongue – A Return To Space  

Seriously strong !


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  1. Excellent CD ... would you post a review of my new album??? ...