Monday, 20 October 2014

New Street Adventure - Debut Album.

Nick Corbin, singer, guitarist and songwriter of New Street Adventure, wears his heart on his bespoke sleeve; he has been hurt. Not only from the damaged or unrequited relationships that pepper the lyrical content of his songs, but by the very fabric of his surroundings, the pressures and struggles of urban clutter that spoil his vision of a joyous existence, like a cataract clouding his otherwise perfect vision. The eternal optimist, his music, despite the dark social comment, is uplifting and invigorating.

The songs on NSA's debut album, No Hard Feelings, are beautifully written, and skillfully played. His band, Ashley Hayden (bass), Billy Farr (lead guitar), Charlie Myers (keys) and Jeremy Paul (drums), are a tight and exciting young unit, that have already refreshed the live circuit; igniting with a spark of 'new wave' fire that has escaped the offerings of similar sixties flavoured modernists. This album captures that live energy, yet displays a self restraint in it's recording that is normally the reserve of a band with several albums already under it's belt - New Street Adventure are masters of a craft; they got soul.

The album contains Northern stompers, She's An Attraction and The Big A.C, funk fusion, Lucky Lady, and even some catchy indi-pop, Be Somebody (video below), plus set stopping ballads like Foolish Once More, sprinkled throughout; energetic, emotive, glorious and gorgeous. The 'holy-record-label-grail-of-album-producing-quests' capture light and shade, is successfully achieved and seamless.

No Hard Feelings is released by Acid Jazz Records.

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