Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New Street Adventure - The Big A.C

New Street Adventure specialise in an 'urban' lyric, the passionate lament of a city-bred modernist and his battle for love and recognition in a godless city where nothing shines except the glint of a Hackney blade or a tarnished coin. And then sometimes they just write feel-good stompers like The Big A.C

Front-man, Nick Corbin, loves soul music and a good all-nighter in which to hear it; The Big A.C attempts to capture that impossible to explain exhilaration of a talcum powder patterned wooden dance-floor alive with feet and smiles; this is a song about the joys of sharing a great tune with fellow tune lovers... and it does it well.

Built around a solid snare and immaculate bass line, this is DJ record box heaven.
The flip is a cover version, Nobody Wants You When Your Down And Out; made famous by the late and great Bobby Womac, here recorded live with given the respect that it deserves.

Released by Acid Jazz Records on limited edition 7 inch vinyl and picture sleeve, I urge you to seek and find; not to be missed.

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