Monday, 20 July 2015

Rare Mod 6

Here lies treasure, the golden rarities of the swinging sixties, lost to generations in the dusty storerooms of antiquity, recently discovered on acetate and quarter inch tape; Rare Mod 6. 

Supposedly the last in the Acid Jazz Record's seminal Rare Mod series, the usual track listing packs full a plethora of the strange, fascinating and rare oddities from the oh so swinging sixties.

Seventeen tracks in all, featuring:

Blinkers – Hello Blinkers
The 'Blinkers' nightclub was an exclusive 'A' list celebrity watering hole during the sixties in Manchester; George Best liked it so much that he bought the building above it to turn into a boutique. The club's 'theme-tune' was released on a rare 1967 private pressing 7", only available to people who frequented the club. Legend has it that the uncredited band were The Mockingbirds, fronted by Graham Gouldman of 10cc fame, and as such demands high prices amongst collectors. However, we tracked down the bassist of The Mockingbirds, Bernard Basso, who listened to the track and swears blind that it is not Graham Gouldman's voice and is definitely not The Mockingbirds playing on the record. So, we're glad we could clear that up!

The Koobas – Money Go Round
The Koobas will no doubt be familiar to all readers; hailing originally from Liverpool they started life as The Kubas and appeared in the Brian Epstein produced film Ferry Cross the Mersey. They released a 45 for Columbia Records before signing to Pye records and releasing a string of Mod friendly gems. They switched back to Columbia in 1967 and went on to record one of the defining albums of the British Psychedelic era; they were at that time managed by Tony Stratton-Smith who was also taking care of The Creation. The track featured here was recorded in 1967 and used in The Money Go Round - a short film set in London’s banking district which featured the future Star Wars legend Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch as the male lead.

The Montanas – Miss McKenzie
Regulars of the Rare Mod series, this rarity was recorded after The Montanas left Pye and when John Jones and Terry Rowley returned to the band after their stint with Trapeze; a rare studio session between record labels, shortly before the band signed with MAM. 

The Roscoe James Good Good Band – Out Of Sight
The Roscoe James Good Good Band were a solid hard working mod Soul band straight out of Surrey. The track featured here was recorded live at Kingston University when they supported the mighty Cream. Although there never actually was anyone in the band called Roscoe James we have managed to identify some of the members as Terry on Vocals, Dave Crocker on Guitar, Ian Thompson on Bass, and Mike on Drums. 

The Ossie Layne Show – Higher And Higher
Featuring the legendary bass player from Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Norman Watt-Roy and his brother Garth; this live recording was recorded and released as a single in Spain in 1969. Check out the The Ossie Layne Show E.P – Barcelona 69 for more.

The Storytellers – Just A Friend
The Storytellers were Graham Dee and Tony Lucus, the pair met in 1964 when Tony was lead singer with The Pickwicks who’d had a couple of minor hits for Decca Records, one of which featured a B-Side I Don‘t Wanna Tell You Again written by Graham. After quitting the band to become their driver, Tony was quickly recruited by Graham to form a duo. They recorded material written by Graham and Brian Potter and released two singles for Decca Records.

Sharon Tandy – The Spell Of Your Love (Demo)
A good friend of Acid Jazz Records; Sharon sadly passed away on March 21st 2015. This previously unreleased Demo written by Graham Dee and recorded in 1968 is our tribute to a beautiful lady who was blessed with a beautiful voice.

Full tracklisting :
I'm Coming Home To You - The Penny Blacks
Hello Blinkers - Blinkers
The Finger Points At You - Dennis Lotis
Money Goes Round - The Koobas
Miss McKenzie - The Montanas
Out Of Sight - The Roscoe James Good Band
Sunshine - Smokey Beare
Save Me - The Unknown Mod Band
Higher And Higher - The Ossie Layne Show
Hey - Paul West And Compass
Just A Friend - The Storytellers
I've Been Lonely Too Long - The Montanas
The Spell Of Your Love (Demo) - Sharon Tandy
Maharajah - The Max
Lonely Journey - The Society
Tomorrow's Children - Tony Rivers
Hold On I'm Coming - Mr Hip Soul Band

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