Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mark Morriss - The Taste Of Mark Morriss

This album makes me smile; more alluring than interesting, more cute than alluring, its hard to define in typical record speak - other than 'makes me smile'... and that's a good thing.

Mark Morriss, formally of Brit-popper floppy hairs The Bluetones (recently reformed) has recorded an album of formative cover versions, hence the album title; not a new concept by any means, but Mark's choice of song really is not what you might expect. There are no punk classics, no generic Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Zeppelin or Small Faces; there is no rock n' roll meat and potatoes, instead is a menu of unashamedly lite bite pop tunes.

Chart hits of the Eighties feature throughout, OMD's Souvenir, Madonna's Angel, and Love Comes Quickly by The Pet Shop Boys. Admittedly two Sixties tunes make an appearance, but these are neither ubiquitous or bloated, Buffalo Springfield's Rock and Roll Woman and Scott Walker's Duchess. Rock is represented by Laura Branigan's Self Control, and Weezer's Don't Let Go; there's even a Jesus and Mary Chain number, Almost Gold. Mark's sense of humour is flexed by covering Jess Conrad's awful waxing, as featured on 'The Worlds World Records' album, This Pullover. All of the above and more are delivered with a love and respect that makes each recording seem natural, effortless, and sits easily alongside Morriss' previous work; this is not an album of pastiche, it all sounds like Mark Morriss.

The stand out track, see video, is a version of Lucretia (My Reflection) by dry-ice chokers Sisters Of Mercy, again delivered with perfect Yacht Rock sensibility; and again, like every title on this very brave album......it makes me smile.

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