Monday, 7 December 2015

Matt Berry And The Maypoles Live.

Matt Berry is a very busy chap; what with his writing and acting in the award winning comedy series Toast Of London, a part in the recent Vic and Bob sit-com, plus a successful recording carer, mod only knows how he finds the time to go on tour … but he does, and this album Matt Berry and The Maypoles Live, his fifth on Acid Jazz Records, is the proof.

Berry's studio albums are always interesting to say the very least, from the bedroom twiddly experimentation of Opium, the melodic tune-smithery of Witchazel, the Hammer Horror-esque folk of Kill The Wolf, to the frankly masterful prog-psych instrumental epic that was Music For Insomniacs; he has a large and varied catalogue from which to craft his live set.

Each album is represented here (except the brilliant Insomniacs concept album, not surprising considering the nature of the tracks). There are head-nodders, foot tappers, moog wig-out and virtuoso noodley bits, the rhythm section (featuring Mark Morriss of The Bluetones) is tight and vibrant and Berry hits all the right notes in all of the right places; impressive stuff to be sure.

Available in many formats including cassette, the delicious blue vinyl track listing runs like a greatest hits album:

Side A.

2. So low.
3. October Sun.
4. Take my Hand.
5. Sorry.
6. Solstice.

Side B.

7. Snuff Box.
8. Song For Rosie.
9. Medicine.
10. Devil Inside.
11. The Pheasant.

I believe there is a t-shirt available too.

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