Thursday, 15 October 2015

E.P Choice 2 - the Rare Mod e.p collection: series 2.

The first series of Acid Jazz's Rare Mod E.P series became a box-set and CD comp,
E.P Choice 1; this compilation, as the name suggests, is the second series. No less ambitious than it's predecessor, this beautifully packaged CD features eight artists,The Aphex, Geno Washington, Jimmy James and The Vagabonds, The Ossie Layne Show, Dave Anthony's Moods, John's Children, and David Bowie's first group, The Riot Squad.

Most of the individual artist E.Ps are reviewed elsewhere on this blog (follow the links) so I won't go into great detail, but standout tracks include, The Aphex's storming garage rocker She's Got The Time, John's Children's original version of Smashed! Blocked!,The Ossie Layne Show (feat, Norman Watt-Roy of The Blockheads) Sing A Simple Song, Dave Anthony's Moods' storming classic New Directions, Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band's floor-filler Holding On (with Both Hands), Jimmy Jame's Northern Dancer She's Looking Good and a fascinating version of The Velvet Underground's I'm Waiting For My Man by The Riot Squad featuring David Bowie on lead microphone.

If you haven't managed to track down each of the very limited edition 7” vinyl E.Ps in this series, or just fancy having the lot on a disc to play in the Jag, this compilation is another fantastic, and often thrilling, journey through the swinging sixties music scene.


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