Monday, 14 February 2011

Tony Christie goes up-beat

Now's The Time is the second single and title track to be taken from Tony Christies's latest album.

The fast, bass fueled, floor-filling lead track, which hints back to Tony’s hey-day, is bundled with a very cool version of the Donavon classic, Season Of The Witch and the tasteful ballad Beautiful Woman, neither of which feature on the album.

Destined to be a DJ favorite, the Donavon number is a groovy kitch-beat production, similar in style to the title track but obviously more familiar to dance-floor dwelling types and sixties nostalgics. It is, without a doubt, a top tune. 

Released by Acid Jazz Records on CD and digital, unfortunately not on vinyl at the moment, prepare to hear this everywhere. 


  1. Wiggy! I had to go Google his version of "Season Of The Witch", glad I stumbled upon this blog! Keep up the great work, cheers!

  2. My pleasure, glad someone's watching.