Friday, 25 November 2011

Maxine - a re-discovered sixties star

Graham Dee & Maxine
Anyone who has taken some Mod Speed advice recently and checked out the masterly Graham Dee Connection '60s Collection' will no-doubt be familiar with one of the outstanding moments of the compilation, the soul-tastic 'Who Belongs To You ' by Maxine.

However very few people, if any, will have heard of this enigmatic singer before. Discovered, produced and recorded by Graham Dee and subsequently lost amongst the weight of sixties history, Maxine's recordings have been rediscovered by Graham for inclusion on his very excellent aforementioned, critically acclaimed, compilation album.

Coincidentally, as part of the Rare Mod series, Acid Jazz Records are releasing a very limited edition collectors Box Set containing the previous six Rare Mod E.Ps, plus another E.P, only available with the box, called Hitsville London. The four tracks on this bonus vinyl are also all Graham Dee works and one of them is another long lost soul 'dancer' by Maxine Silverburg. 

Graham, Maxine & music
Mod Speed asked Maxine what she remembered of the session ..

 "I don't really remember when or where I first met Graham. When I think back he just seems to have appeared in my life from nowhere. The first memory I have, is of him coming to see me singing with a band that I was with at the time. He obviously liked what he heard and asked if he could record me singing one of his songs. Although I had been singing with various bands and touring England and Europe for a few years, it was the first time that I had been in a recording studio and it was very new and exciting for me. I remember that we had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. The songs were never released so it's amazing for me to now see it on record”.

Watch this space for reviews of Hitsville London and the Box Set.


  1. I transferred two sides of an acetate for Maxine back in the 90's. 'Who Belongs To You' was one side. The disc was her personal copy from the recording session. At the time Max was putting a lot of personal effort into helping our band and we were (and still are) exceedingly grateful. Andy