Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Rare Mod E.P Box Set

7 x 7. The Rare Mod E.P Collection. Limited Edition Collectors Box Set from Acid Jazz Records . 

Like it says on the lid, featuring all seven of the amazing Rare Mod series of E.Ps in one gloriously lavish box. PLUS a glossy twenty page detailed colour booklet and bonus E.P.

Each vinyl four track record of impossibly rare or previously unreleased recordings, expertly re-mastered and beautifully sleeved, with informative notes and retro design.

Featuring, in order of release, Steve Marriott's Moments, The Fleur De Lys, The Mule Skinners, The Richard Kent Style, Sharon Tandy and The Clique. PLUS the bonus, only available with the box, Hitsville London.

The Box set is available in two versions. 
Firstly - All of the EPs and booklet in the box, including Hitsville London.
Secondly - Just the box, booklet and Hitsville London (for those who already have the other records). 

For those poor fools who don’t do vinyl and insist on having the compact disc format, the whole lot is available on one CD called EP Choice, but more of that another time.
The press release say's in shops December 11th but it's available now on ebay

How cool  ?

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