Monday, 28 November 2011

Hitsville London

As promised, here's a quick word about the 'bonus' vinyl that comes with the Rare Mod E.P Limited Edition Box Set, due for release on Acid Jazz Records in time for Christmas, Hitsville London

Previously unreleased, all four tracks were recorded and produced between 1967- 69 by Graham Dee in London England

As usual the cover is a beautiful replication of  a sixties record sleeve, the great man himself blazoned across. The tracks, as on his album The 60s Collection, feature a selection of different artists, starting with the very groovy Maxine Silverburg. Here is a highly edited summary from the sleeve notes.

"Maxine's A Love I Believe In, written in 1967 by Graham with Donnie Elbert who [...] only got as far a laying down a backing track [...] (see Rare Mod Vol.2). Graham revisited the song and recorded a new version at CBS Studios in 1969, the soulful Miss Silverburg on vocals.

Next [...] James Patterson’s 'Silent
', [...] a mellow slice of late 60s Soulful pop. Patterson came to England in the 60s with the American air force and left [...] before [...] the tracks [...] could be released.

American soul legend Donnie Elbert’s [...] version of 'This Old Heart of Mine' was released in 1968, the version we feature here, [...] an unreleased backing track, [...] features Polydor’s house band The Fleur de Lys.
The Fantastics were on a tour of England when they were [...] asked to lay down vocals on some tracks [...]. They obliged and the results were two classy tracks, the second of which can be heard on the The Graham Dee Connection - 60s Collection ." Damian Jones (2011).

A1. Maxine – A Love I Believe In.
A2. James Patterson – Silent.
B1. Donnie Elbert – This Old Heart Of Mine.
B2. The Fantastics – We Got Good Lovin’. 

Watch this space for Box-Set info...

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